Five Simple Tips to Enhance Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is such an important process that a website administrator needs to perform in order for their site to be successful and drive quality traffic. However, when we hear the term Search Engine Optimization often times we do not know everything that it entails or what the exact definition is.

Search Engine Optimization can be defined as minor adjustments to different areas of your web page like title tags, description tags, URL names and more. All of these adjustments help your web page rank higher in search engines for a specific keyword or keyword phrase that you have optimized for.

The overall goal of SEO is to increase the organic traffic to your web page in order to generate more awareness and revenue. You will notice that through the definition web page was used instead of website. The reason is that search engines look at each web page as different content, thus you can optimize each of your web pages for a specific keyword. This will allow you to rank high in search engines for different keywords that are optimized on each of your web pages throughout your website. Here’s a brief list of some important aspects of SEO that all website creators should know:

Keyword Title Tag: Make sure that the keyword or keyword phrase is included in your title tag. If you are focusing on ‘hotels in Minneapolis’ make sure that the phrase is included in your title.

Keyword URL: Optimize your site’s URL for the overall keyword or keyword phrase that you want. Then make sure each web page is keyword optimized as well. For example if you have a travel Minnesota website an example URL could be . For a hotel room page name the page

Keyword Description Meta Tag: Make sure that each web page has a description that is 200 words or less and is optimized for your keywords. The description will be displayed in search engine results and some search engines has trouble displaying more than 200 words.

Keyword Content: Make sure that your keyword or keyword phrase is present in the content of the web page you are optimizing for. There isn’t an exact rule on how often the keyword should appear, but a good rule of thumb is that one keyword should appear for each 100 words.

Build Backlinks: The key to good backlinks is the make sure they are SEO backlinks. SEO backlinks are incoming links to your web page that have keywords in the link as opposed to a simple “click here”.

An important aspect to understand is that while the optimization is occurring for search engines, you are also ensuring that visitors have an easy time finding your site and navigating your site once they find it. If you spend too much energy attempting to optimize your website for search engines you might lose sight of your customers’ needs and that is not a good thing. Make sure you balance optimization yet keep the customer in mind so that you generate good traffic that will buy your product, service, or information.

A plan that incorporates all the aspects of Search Engine Optimization stands a much better chance than one that only focuses on a few. So make sure you understand how SEO works and strategize how you are going to position your website to succeed. It is a competitive market and understanding how SEO works and effectively implementing it could be the difference between your website’s success and failure.

Another option to help your website get the necessary traffic is to enlist an internet marketing company to help you with SEO writing services, social media, optimization, and much more.