Keyword SEO Tips – Learn the Way of the Samurai and Boost Your Conversion Rates

If you want to earn online, there’s two things you need to consider: traffic and conversion rates. These two work hand-in-hand to make up for further gain for your site. However, these aren’t easy tasks to be dealt with. That’s why you need an aid, a keyword SEO software to get rid of all your conversion dilemmas.

This is one of the fatal mistakes that affiliate marketers make, they divert their focus on site optimization on Keyword SEO and rankings that they tend to forget about the importance of traffic and conversion. It’s not a bad thing; on the other hand, they tend to forget the importance of the other half; which is converting the traffic to cash. The second one, even with the minimum amount of traffic knows how to properly establish their site and optimize it towards conversions. How do you shun yourself away from the first and land your way into the second group? The winners and the earners.

1. Bear in mind to have a catchy headline as your first line of attraction for your site. You should include your keyword and whatever it is that you’re visitor is searching for. If you have military dating site; include it in your title. Don’t forget to make your headline as relevant and in sync with your actual content. If your headline states for a christian dating site, then your content should well be for a christian dating site and not anything else.

2. Always make use of up-to-date, fresh and high-quality content. As mentioned before, “Content is King”. Make sure that all of your articles, review or all your content; are in sync and point out to your reader’s needs.

3. You must include a valuable picture that can well represent your site. We call it a response-graphic. Why? First, people are visual. They like graphics that target directly what they want to see. Most likely, they are not just there to enhance the look of your site; your visitor stays longer on your site if you have relevant response-graphics on your site. You can increase your chances for conversion just by adding images.

4. Lead them to where your money-making site is. So your potential customers and readers reach the bottom of your page; then you should point out where they should be going. You can lead them towards your main site and their onwards, help them with their decision.

Converting traffic to sales doesn’t mean you splurge all out on your website and sell all the way. Just maintaining the right balance, with proper direction, no haggling while leading your visitors to your main site but at the same time, letting them enjoy some other aspects of your site beforehand.