Search Engine Optimization – Importance of Choosing the Right Keywords

Competition in the internet has never been this dynamic. Every web owner has been up to polishing their site as attractive as it could be to giant search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Every SEO (Search Engine Optimization) eBook is purchased for the latest trend in SEO techniques. What a waste of money and time! Most of the effective SEO are really basic. A lot of SEO tacticians fail to recognize these basic things in gearing up your website for the global competition.

Preparing your website for the global competition is a real tough job. You need to have relevant links all pointing to your website. So you need to have proper title and description tags, and never the least, the right keywords. Right keywords are not the thing you can take lightly in the world of SEO. Right people find your webpage through keywords, and without it, your webpage would never come up in any websearch.

So, how are you going to find the right keywords? Find a word that can nearly best describe or compliment your webpage. Say, your webpage is about Internet Marketing, then the word that can best describe your webpage is “Internet Marketing”. After that, you need to determine the most commonly search word related to “Internet Marketing”.

Go to

1. Type “Internet Marketing” (The word that best describe your site)

2. Type the character you see in the picture

3. Find the 8 Top Keywords as shown in the “Global Monthly Keyword Volume”

4. One by one, type these keywords in the Google and yahoo search engine. Please take note of the number of web results shown in the upper right hand of the screen.

Usually, I advise my clients not to include keywords that have more than 5 million websearch results in Google and yahoo search engines. Keywords having more than 5 million results in websearches make it really hard for you to bring the your webpage in “page 1” in the Google or yahoo search engines. Stick with those keywords that give you less than 5 million websearch results in Google and yahoo.

SO, that is a bit clearer about SEO keywords?!

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